Executive Compensation Plans

We understand that not all retirement plans are a good fit for all employees. We can assist you in creating a custom effective executive compensation and retirement plan that works for your needs.

Many of our clients have certain employees that are responsible for bringing in the revenue and some that manage teams to fulfill certain projects. It is important to offer an executive compensation plan that aims to attract, retain, and retire these key employees. Many times a key employee or owner is not able to save enough in a qualified retirement plan due to IRS or top-heavy non-discrimination limits to achieve their retirement goals.

A Supplemental Executive Retirement Plan (SERP) may be a way a company can provide additional retirement savings for key employees in a tax-efficient manner. In addition, these plans can be very attractive to employers as they can serve as a retention tool to keep these key people. At The Capital Group, our Advisors can consult on these strategies and manage the assets of these plans just as we do with Qualified Retirement Plans.

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