New Year’s Check Up

New Year’s check-up

2017 is almost here! As one year ends and another begins, you may be thinking about what you did for yourself this year, and what you can do for yourself this coming year.
Can you try to improve your retirement prospects or your personal finances? Can you plan to reduce your taxes or efficiently transfer your wealth to your heirs?
This New Year may be the perfect occasion to review your investments, to refine your risk management approach, or to contribute more to your retirement accounts. The financial moves you make – or fail to make – in the final weeks of 2016 may directly impact your investment yields and your taxes. That impact might be felt this year, next year, and maybe even years from now. So, what can you try to do to make a positive impact?
Please contact us this holiday season, because we would love to help you explore your options. Look at this New Year as a new opportunity to take a big step toward your long-range financial goals.