Nonprofit Coverage & Support

Accomplish Your Mission With The Capital Group

Your nonprofit works hard every day to achieve its mission. The Capital Group knows your organization requires specialized solutions and resources so you can focus on those you serve.

From employee benefits and HR technology to legal counsel and resources for capacity building, The Capital Group can help your nonprofit thrive. Partnering with leading providers and partners like The Center for Nonprofit Advancement, The Capital Group has provided coverage and solutions for years, serving over 250 nonprofits.

Contact the Capital Group online or by phone at (301) 214-7666 to learn more about getting your nonprofit the coverage it needs to build capacity for success.

Why Choose The Capital Group?

Custom Solutions — Secure benefits packages and coverage tailored to your nonprofit.

Counsel & Advice — Receive access to legal assistance when you need it.

Capacity Building — Take advantage of tools and resources to help your nonprofit thrive.

Technology & Support — Get technology solutions for your HR needs.

Nonprofit Insurance & Coverage

When it comes to insurance, your nonprofit needs the right health and coverage solutions to support your employees and protect your organization.

The Capital Group works with your nonprofit to bring you custom options for comprehensive:

Get exclusive access to partners like VitalHealth, a provider of nonprofit health insurance and benefits for nearly 40 years. With a variety of partners and providers to choose from, your nonprofit can get the insurance coverage and solutions that work for its unique needs.

Learn more about nonprofit insurance and benefits solutions by contacting The Capital Group today.

HR Technology & Support

At a nonprofit, having the right HR technology is critical to your success. From managing employee data to processing benefits enrollment, The Capital Group is here to help you get the systems and technology your organization needs.

The advisors at The Capital Group will discuss the best HR technologies for your nonprofit, offering solutions for the unique needs and challenges you have. Additional support and facilitation are also available to help your organization use your new systems effectively.

Help Your Nonprofit Thrive

It takes plenty of skill, knowledge, and resources to build the capacity your nonprofit needs to pursue its mission. That’s why the Center for Nonprofit Advancement offers invaluable resources to help your organization serve others and achieve its goals every day.

Serving the Greater Washington, DC area since 1979, the Center for Nonprofit Advancement’s coverage and programs are designed to help your nonprofit position itself for a successful future.

Through The Capital Group’s partnership, you can become a member of the Center with access to:

  • Skill Building Courses: Choose from a variety of programs and trainings to help staff, board members, volunteers, and other key players in your organization build capacity for success.
  • Executive Preparation Institute: Participate in seminars and group activities, hear guest speakers, and attend panel discussions to enhance leadership skills for C-level and management staff.
  • Competition and Events: Engage in competitions to receive cash grants and attend events to connect with other nonprofit colleagues and celebrate the great work you do.
  • Board Match: Connect with quality candidates to help get the right people in the right seats of your organization’s board of directors.
  • And More

Taking advantage of the Center’s tools and resources can help your nonprofit work effectively and plan for a sustainable future.

Get Coverage & Support for Your Nonprofit

Your organization works to make a positive impact every day. For the coverage you need and the resources to support what you do, The Capital Group is here. With custom solutions from leading providers and partners, The Capital Group helps you worry less about insurance so you can focus more on your mission.

Contact The Capital Group online or by phone at (301) 214-7666 for more information on nonprofit coverage and solutions.