Defense Base Act Coverage

Government contractors operate in complex environments with ever-changing compliance regulations. If your government contracting business involves OCONUS work on U.S. military bases; public work contracts with U.S. agencies; contracts falling under the Foreign Assistance Act; or employers providing support to the Department of Defense (DOD), you’ll need to meet compliance with the Defense Base Act.

The Capital Group provides competitive low-cost DBA coverage/insurance to federal contractors to ensure they meet all regulations in accordance with the Defense Base Act.  Our team will analyze your DBA exposure and help you ensure your employees are properly coverage while working OCONUS.

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Meeting Defense Base Act Compliance

The Defense Base Act makes workers’ compensation insurance a federal requirement for government contractors working overseas. This act requires every employer to secure insurance according to the list of authorized insurance carriers. Included in the Act’s provisions are the following:

  • Employers are liable for disability, medical, and death benefits to its employees following injury or death;
  • Employees or surviving family members may sue the employer for tort damages as a result of failure to comply with the Act regulations;
  • Employers not in compliance with the Act shall be guilty of a misdemeanor, punishable by a fine of $10,000 or imprisonment of no more than one year.

As a federal contractor, failure to provide international workers’ compensation insurance to your employees can mean serious consequences for your business.  The Capital Group specializes in competitive low-cost DBA coverage.

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At The Capital Group, employees are specially trained to help you navigate the specific requirements set forth by the Defense Base Act.

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