Strategic Partners

Maxwell Health

Maxwell Health simplifies employee benefits and HR Technologies for our clients. Maxwell Health streamlines benefits, reduces costs, and improves employee health, and modernizes your business by being the first operating system for benefits.


Bswitf using technology to assist our clients with administrative HR, healthcare, employee benefits and payroll. this helps our clients reduce costs and empower their businesses.


TASC helps our clients in protecting their bottom line and assuring their peace of mind by assisting them with all their administrative needs.


BenefitMall assists our clients with online payroll, benefits, tax compliance and HR services by working with trusted advisors, comprised of Brokers and CPAs, they enable businesses easy access to affordable quality workforce solutions.


Hamilton helps us minimize risk for our clients by providing comprehensive insurance and risk management services.


Inifinisource works with us to provide the best benefit programs to our clients, no matter what benefits challenges arise.


GovTech insurance assists our clients that are focused in the technology industry. GovTech minimizes risk for government contractors.