About the capital group

At The Capital Group, we offer simple and dynamic business and personal financial solutions that help small and midsized businesses worry less and grow more. We specialize in Risk Management, Investments, Benefits, Retirement, and HR Technology.

Our mission is to be a valued and trusted partner to the small and midsized business community. Our focus is to guide our clients through the dynamic complexities of healthcare, financial services, and risk management. We aim to create a more secure, rewarding, and enjoyable future for you, your business, and your family. We work with you to develop business and financial plans that crystallize your goals and objectives while protecting you every step of the way.

The Capital Group’s powerful suite of dynamic business and personal financial solutions addresses all of your human capital needs. Our solutions are fully customized, providing your business with the right coverage and level of service for your unique needs. The result? Less worry, less stress, and more business growth. The Capital Group endeavors to build risk management, investment, retirement, and benefits, programs that balance employee satisfaction, provide robust coverage, and responsible spending for our clients.

The Capital Group is your business partner for cost-effective business and personal financial solutions designed to put money back where it belongs – in your pocket. When you work with The Capital Group, you get access to our more than 25 years of industry expertise along with simple, powerful technology solutions that save you money and safeguard your business – now and into the future.

The Capital Group’s consultants always have your best interest in mind when creating business and personal financial solutions for your unique needs. We never give you “cookie cutter” recommendations – our experts take the time to understand your goals and present you with packages that help you protect your assets, grow your business and build your legacy.  When developing a program with you, The Capital Group will review related stress points, current plans, and future options to present an overall set of options and recommendations for you. We will cover multiple plan designs and markets to bring you risk management, investment, retirement, and benefits, programs that exceed your expectations.

Our goal is to retain a high level of client satisfaction so that you never feel the need to explore elsewhere. We strive to be the top employee benefit, risk management, and wealth advisors in the metropolitan D.C. area as measured by assets under management and recognition as an employer of choice. Contact us today to find out how The Capital Group can help you, protect assets, manage investments, and attract talent for your business.